Fast Athletic Performance Enhancement & Recovery from Injury, Metabolic Weightloss

Everyone with an active lifestyle has experienced the benefit of improved blood circulation, and Circularity has developed a one-of-a-kind, industry-leading solution to magnify those benefits with outsized results.


The D'OXYVA® enhancement & recovery solution uses a painless, transdermal delivery of vaporized purified CO2 to significantly increase oxygenated blood flow, skin perfusion, and strengthen microcirculation for hours at a time, based on various published clinical evidence.

After a five-minute administration, users in various clinical trials recorded dramatic increases of often 100% to over 300% in macro-, and microcirculatory blood flow for often well over four hours afterward.

Pro athletes and casual sport enthusiasts reported significant improvements in stamina, energy, and recovery in just 2 to 4 weeks with one 5-minute application daily.

In randomized human clinical trials D'OXYVA has demonstrated remarkable improvements in heart rate, skin receptor signaling, the autonomic nervous system, full body skeletal tissue perfusion, and other vital physiological functions.



D'OXYVA DELIVERS CONSISTENT RESULTS MEASURABLE IN SECONDS - Take our guarantee challenge and you may earn free products!

Check your results at the point of care, via remote patient monitoring at home, or on the go by various reliable FDA-cleared non-invasive diagnostics. Send your results to us before and 30 minutes after taking the full 5 minutes of D'OXYVA. We will refund your full D'OXYVA purchase price if you do not achieve any improvements (proof of purchase required, improvements measured from absolute baseline without taking D'OXYVA).

One good example is the Masimo iSpO2, an affordable and accurate tool for everyday measurement of perfusion index (blood flow), heart rate, and oxygen saturation that is available via Click here or image below and see example test result.

D'OXYVA is promising faster, easier, and more efficient transdermal (via the skin) delivery locally anywhere on the body due to its patented technology than any other competitor. Subjects who used D'OXYVA regularly also reported muscle pain relief and stronger vitals during physician checkups. D'OXYVA is not considered doping according to the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA).

Additional benefits if used daily may include, but are not limited to:

  • Increased & improved muscle size & body tone, enhanced cardiac function
  • Significant, fast physical performance increase & pain relief
  • Significantly improved mental acuity; concentration, problem solving, multitasking, resource management, decision-making, pattern recognition & eye-hand coordination, while promoting relaxation and managing stress
  • Weight loss as a result of improved circulation & metabolism
  • Enhanced absorption of skin & body enhancing products through the increase of blood circulation


Powerful Metabolic Weight Loss for Women and Men

Using D'OXYVA® daily promotes benefits related to improved circulation, including significantly increased cardiac activity, physical fitness, metabolism, endurance, energy balance and a healthy weight.

A single 5-minute application daily from our device weighing less than a pound could have you shedding pounds, being more active again, while fighting obesity effectively in just a few weeks.

If you depend on exercise to bolster your circulation and metabolism in order to lose weight, then supplement your efforts with D'OXYVA's microcirculatory blood flow solution.

What it does

A 5-minute application daily from D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) could have you shedding pounds, being active again, and making you perform as an athlete like never before in just a few weeks.

D'OXYVA engages every cell, vessel, tissue, and organ in the body and influences the parasympathetic nerve activity in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the brain to bring balance in nearly all subconscious physiological functions and perform significantly better than ever before.

In return, it provides with outcomes that far outpace and go beyond existing supplements and banned substances. D'OXYVA guarantees results and challenges everyone to measure their results and share it publicly.

If you depend on exercise to bolster your circulation, oxygenation, and metabolism in order to:

Lose weight

Get moving again

Improve your performance

Recover much faster

then supplement your efforts with D'OXYVA's oxygen-, and nutrient-rich microcirculatory blood flow solution all over your body.

Highlighted reviews


"I am seeing an increase in muscle mass due to the D'OXYVA. I feel great. Thanks, Dr. Jim" - Dr. Jim Bledsoe from Pensacola, FL United States

"I have found that after only two weeks of using the D'OXYVA system daily that my metabolism has increased and is helping me to lose weight. My sex drive has increased and I am sleeping better throughout the night." - Judy Trocha from Pollock Pines, CA United States