Complete Health and Performance Solution for Pets and Farm Animals

D'OXYVA® (deoxyhemoglobin vasodilator) is the answer to your pets complete health needs, from a healthy cardiovascular system to healthy fur, mental functions and oral hygiene. Based on the latest scientific evidence, D'OXYVA is positioned to transform the animal health markets around the world and the way pets and farm animals receive treatment as we currently know it. For example, as a species, dogs have strong physiologic and genetic similarities to people as dogs have greater than 80 percent genetic similarity to humans, versus only 67 percent for mice. Canine cancer is the leading cause of death in pets over the age of 10 years. Dogs not only develop similar types of cancers as humans, but their cancer responds to treatments in similar ways.

The importance of medical gas (e.g., CO2, Nobel-Prize winner NO, O2) in animal health applications is quite similar to its role in human health. In a controlled study, D'OXYVA has recorded outsized, sustained, and repeatable results in race horses; 100-300% improvement from absolute baseline lasting over 90 minutes in microvascular skin perfusion pressure* (*as measured by Moor Instruments FDA-cleared continuous blood flow monitor). In another case study, D'OXYVA healed laminitis for a race horse in a few weeks.

With the high portability, affordability, rapid and gentle delivery, and immediate and sustained effects of D'OXYVA, the owner, groomer, and veterinarian all benefit. D'OXYVA has indicated significant enhancements in the benefits of virtually any combination treatment currently offered to animals whether applied topically, orally or via injection.

D'OXYVA is designed to inexpensively deliver the same purified, molecular, and FDA-cleared Carbon Dioxide (CO2) into the pet's tissues that is already there. Just like in humans, the peripheral receptors of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the dog's or cat's brain send signals to provide sustained and significant improvements in the rest and digest organ functions. In addition, oxygen-rich microcirculatory blood flow and a host of related fundamentally beneficial physiological functions create a reinforcing cascade effect to bring their body into balance (homeostasis).


Improved microcirculation is widely known to lead to improved cell respiration, metabolism, tissue perfusion, and anti-bacterial activity. In return, these may result in the following significant improvements for pets and farm animals when applied as a regimen.

  • Higher endurance & performance with less fatigue & faster recovery time with less food & fluid intake
  • Focused & calm nervous system, improved mental health, quick stress reduction & muscle relaxation
  • Faster, cleaner, more affordable & more complete wound healing & recovery for burns, surgery, and trauma
  • Affordable & effective aid in the healthy buildup of agile muscle mass & immune system

Everyone with an active lifestyle has experienced the benefit of improved blood circulation, and Circularity has developed a one-of-a-kind solution to magnify those benefits with outsized results. D'OXYVA animal health solution uses a painless, transdermal delivery of FDA-cleared molecular CO2 to significantly increase oxygenated blood flow, skin perfusion, and strengthen neurological and microvascular functions for hours at a time. In both dogs and humans, the neural pathways of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in the brain regulate breathing, heart rate, digestion, and many other fundamental processes. These take place below the level of conscious awareness.

Diagnosing D'OXYVA®

Your pet needs a thorough examination by your veterinarian including the review of historical symptoms. A complete blood work, electrolyte panel, urinalysis, and heart rate will be required to rule out potential underlying conditions. Electrophysiology is an important tool in obtaining an accurate diagnosis.

D'OXYVA DELIVERS CONSISTENT RESULTS MEASURABLE IN SECONDS - Take our guarantee challenge and you may earn free products!

Check your results at the point of care, via remote patient monitoring at home, or on the go by various reliable FDA-cleared non-invasive diagnostics. Send your results to us before and 30 minutes after taking the full 5 minutes of D'OXYVA. We will refund your full D'OXYVA purchase price if you do not achieve any improvements (proof of purchase required, improvements measured from absolute baseline without taking D'OXYVA).

One good example is the Masimo® Rad-57®, an accurate tool for clinical measurements of the most relevant vital sign to D'OXYVA such as PI or perfusion index that indicates peripheral blood circulation. Now available to veterinarians and animal research facilities, this breakthrough technology ensures a 97% reduction in false alarms and the ability to read to 1/10th the perfusion of any oximeter on the market. The Masimo Rad-57 gives you the power of Masimo SET in the palm of your hand. This lightweight, convenient handheld monitor is designed for spot checks or continuous O2 (SpO2) monitoring even during dental procedures. Available with lingual probe (tongue) or transflectance probe (paw pad, perianal) to provide accurate oxygen saturation and pulse rate, continuously and noninvasively monitor acoustic respiration rate, perfusion index (PI), and fluid management through Pleth Variability Index (PVI). More information is available on their website. Click here or image below and see example test result.


What it does

Using D'OXYVA® as a regimen is a promising solution that leads to benefits related to improved circulation, including significantly lower risks of chronic diseases, increased metabolism, muscle mass, and faster and more complete recovery from injuries, according to controlled clinical trials.

A five-minute application from our device weighing less than a pound could have your pet building agile muscle mass and a calm, focused mind. Your pet depends on exercise to bolster circulation, oxygenation, and metabolism. Supplement your efforts with D'OXYVA's microcirculatory blood flow solution and enjoy the results in a few weeks.

How it works

Using D'OXYVA as a regimen is a promising solution because the ANS governs internal organ functions outside conscious control. The ANS has 2 parts with 2 different functions. One is the sympathetic nervous system, involved in the "flight, fright, and fight" response including increased heart rate, bronchial dilation, dilation of the pupil and decreased gut activity.

The other part, the parasympathetic nervous system does the opposite, which is associated with rest and digest functions; decreased heart rate, pupil constriction, and increased gut activity. It maintains the normal functions of the relaxed body, sometimes known as the “housekeeping” functions, as it promotes effective digestion, stimulates defaecation and urination and maintains a regular heartbeat and rate of breathing.

For example, as a predator is chasing a prey animal, the autonomic nervous system (ANS) automatically increases the rate of breathing and the heartbeat. Blood vessels dialate (vasodilation) and deliver blood to the muscles, releases glucose from the liver, and makes various changes to assist in bursting into action. After the animal returns to safety, the nervous system calms down the functions and starts normal body functions like the digestion of food.